Unwanted Rests

• Jan 24, 2020 - 11:16

I use Musescore to help me play the guitar. I key in a score and can then listen to how it sounds, play with 3 or more other people etc.

However some scores I have do not have the full amount of notes in a bar - Musescore automatically fills these in with rests and of course the played music does not sound right.

For example in the attached score there should be no rests in bar 1, 9 or 10.

is there anyway to modify this behaviour?



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I don't see anything abnormal in your picture. Could you be more precise in what you hear exactly, and/or attach your file ( the best way here to help you)

I guess you want measure 1 and 10 to be pickup measures (1 beat) and measure 9(and 22) to compensate for that (3 beats), so change their actual duration in measure properties, and, esp. for measure 1 and 9, tick the exclude from measure count

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