Tying notes

• Jan 25, 2020 - 00:33

In 4/4 time I have a whole note A tied to the next bar....simple enough...Shift/+. Now I need to add a whole note F below the A and tie it also. When I try to tie the F the tie on the A is removed. I can only tie one or the other... I can't get both notes tied. I have an older version Musescore but I need someone to help me solve this. I'm sure there must be a simple solution but I haven't been able to figure it out.


Simple solution: update, then what I described before works, and about a thousand other improvements too.

But even in older versions, it should be possible. Easiest is to simply enter the tie to begin with, So, in the first measure, enter the F & A, then without leaving note input mode or entering anything into the second measure, press "+". But, in the situation you are in currently, depending on what version you have, it probably works to delete the existing tie, then enter all the notes separate, then select the first chord and press "+".

If none of that helps, please attach your score, as perhaps there is something going on other than what it appears you are describing.

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It definitely works from within note input mode, I tried it on the current version (3.4.1) as well ans a very old version (2.3.2) with equal success. Once agin, it would really help if you attached your sp[ecific score so we could understand better - we'd probably have had this sorted days ago. As it is, I remain confused, because when you talk about there already being a tied A there, I assume you had left note input mode If you're still in note input mode I don't understand why you entered both A's. The correct thing is to enter the first F & A only, then press A. But even if you made the mistake of entering both A's first, tied or not, while in note input mde back up the cursor to the first A, add the F, pres tie button. Absolutely guaranteed to work on any version of MsueScore since 2.3.2, probably for quite some time before that.

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