Why is the ubuntu ppa lagging so far behind?

• Feb 10, 2020 - 06:17

The ppa for ubuntu is still at version 3.2.3 from July 2019, so it's more than half a year old.

Why is that? What is the process of updating the repository? Who maintains it? Is there something I could do to help improve the situation?


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To be slightly more specific: it used to be maintained by a MuseScore user/contributor, but wasn’t, and when I (also a contributor/user) took over maintaining the package in Debian, I also started uploading what I did in Debian to the PPA for all possible/supported Ubuntu versions.

I tend to update it around the time I do something in Debian, or a few days later, but the content comes from Debian (or, in the case of the continuation of MuseScore 2, from my personal repository for Debian in which I maintain it for a bit longer in order to be able to keep using it in parallel, especially for old scores; I replaced 2 with 3 in Debian 11 because not doing so would mean I’d have to commit to support it for five+ years, and the MuseScore developers indicated they wouldn’t help me with it, and my C++/Qt skills are not quite up to the task).

I haven’t had the time to look at it yet, and 3.3/3.4 introduced many changes.

To be fully honest, I also am uncomfortable with some of the UI changes.

I’d have a look at updating it (snapshot first) but I also just caught the flu… but hey, you already got the latest soundfont, so there’s that.

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