Selecting next chord by "Right" arrow but skipping pauses and tied notes.

• Feb 12, 2020 - 08:17

Is it possible to write a plugin or make changes in the MuseScore so that the "Right" arrow can select the next chord, for example, in a "Piano Roll" mode? I need to "Right" arrow don't stop at pauses and tied notes.
Does anyone understand these issues?


I think I understand what you mean - you want a command that will skip from a quarter note on beat 1 to a quarter note on beat 4, if beats 2 and 3 are nothing but rests or ties.

In theory I would think a plugin could be written to achieve this, and you could assign a shortcut to it. But - can you explain your actual use case? If the point is to change the pitch of notes one at a time, have you tried Repitch mode (see the dropdown menu next to the "N" icon on the toolbar)?

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I want to use this to teach music.
I need to, when I press the Right Arrow button, the cursor stops only on those characters, that require a key to be pressed when I playing these notes on piano. Since the pauses and tied notes do not require this, it is necessary that cursor skip them.
Ideally I wanna that the sound of the note does not stop while the Right Arrow key is pressed.

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