"A Score Music Composer" (Android)

• Mar 24, 2020 - 21:21

Just wondering if anyone has used "A Score Music Composer" for Android? It"s a well featured music composition app and is easy to use. I'm trying out the demo version which gives access to all the composing features but no save/export. So, has anyone tried this app and used its MusicXML export successfully with Musescore for Windows?



I have A-Score. But I have never used it. And now I might not at all. However, I opened it, got a lot of warnings about going to subscription based. Getting past those there was a score with a single staff of a few measures of organ music. I don't know if I made that or if it is a sample. Anyway, I was able to export is as a MXML. I emailed it to my laptop. It showed up as a zip file. I extracted it and opened it in MuseScore. It looks like it did in the app. I can't speak to results for a larger score as I don't have one.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks, I'll probably give it a go. There is a modest 1-off fee to unlock the demo version or an even more modest monthly subscription option so there's little to lose. It is surprising well featured for an Android composition tool. The manual is a little terse but just about enough get users started.

Ideally there would be a Musescore composition app for Android with native .mscz support but "A Score" might be able to fill that gap.

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