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• Apr 16, 2020 - 19:25

I've read over most of the recent writing about crescendos. So far I haven't dound the answer. I have followed the advice to click all and set to offset and 0. I still am not hearing much difference in dynamics especially a long crescendo. Have put a dynamic at each end but no gradual increase in volume.
Attaching score.

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If you're referring to the hairpins going from m49 to m56 then I'm not surprised MuseScore isn't doing what you want it to do.

First make sure the end of the hairpin stops just before the dynamic. For the first staff this means moving the anchor point to the end of m55. Otherwise that ff isn't at the end of the hairpin and the used "end dynamic" is the mf from m58. The result is a very long hairpin going from mp to mf, a rather small difference indeed.

Next up is the piano part; there the start dynamic is attached to the bottom staff of the piano, while the hairpin and end dynamic are attached to the top staff; thus again mismatching. Attach all of them to the same staff to prevent confusion.

The bottom one was also dragged a bit out of place, so I've reset it. Consider attaching it to the correct instrument instead of dragging it visually.

See the attachment in which just this has been corrected. I'd advise you to also correct placement on all your other hairpins and dynamics.

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Thank you muchly for this. I am dealing with trying to untangle music I wrote previously from a corrupted program as well as mastering musescore 3. Yes I read the book and what everybody is saying on certain issues. Your clarity is much appreciated at this frustrating time.
I have another issue but don't know where to post it. On one of my pieces I am using electronic music but the volume for all the electronic instruments is very low. Do you recommend velocity change? The mixer is almost at the top.

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