Errors on Copy and Paste

• May 6, 2020 - 12:19

I generated 8 new bars which showed rests at the front of a melody. I copied the eight bar melody and pasted into the previous new bars. It generated a combined set of rests plus melody and altered the staves from 4/4 to say 30/16. I didn't notice this until I re-opened MuseScore 3 (in my Win 10 64-bit) next session when I saw the list of errors below.
I cannot remove the rests listed by highlighting them and pressing Delete.
How do I proceed?
I have more copy and pasting to do?


While some corruptions indeed are caused by copy and paste, that log also indicated measures way past your first 8 measures. So I'm more guessing you've copied already corrupted measures and paste pasted exactly the same corruptions that were already there.

Pictures of a score rarely allow us to see what is causing this, so please attach your actual score for more efficient support.
See also for a number of ways to attempt fixing corruptions. Note that if you had already created parts, it is often wise to first remove any parts related to corrupted parts of the score before fixing the corruption in the score itself. Then regenerate those parts.

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Thank you Jeetee, The link you provided was spot on. The theme was written in 2014 on a much earlier version of MuseScore and parts added, parts changed as well as copied and pasted. I have the original saved in another file. As there are so many errors in my present file, I will revert to the original and modify it in a more logical step by step way and save and re-load frequently to ensure that I'm not carrying corruption through with me.
Thanks again

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