Project properties


    The Project Properties dialog contains meta tags. Meta tags are snippets of descriptive text that can be used by Musescore, such as "Work title," "Composer," "Copyright" etc.

    Changing score properties

    To change a score property

    1. From the menu, choose File→Project Properties...
    2. Click in the required field
    3. Enter text or edit existing text

    When you create a score, a title block is generated on the first page, and the value of some metatags is genearted automatically (see Setting up your score). After the score is created, the text in the title block is no longer linked to the value of the metatags in Project Properties.

    Every score is created with the following predefined metatags. The third column shows the code to use the meta tag in Headers and Footers.

    Property Value when Score is created Code to access from headers and footers
    Work title Same text as "Title" on the first page of the score (see Setting up your score). $:workTitle:
    Arranger $:arranger:
    Composer Same text as "Composer" on the first page of the score(see Setting up your score). $:composer:
    Copyright Same text as "Copyright" on the first page of the score(see Setting up your score). (if you need a copyright symbols, copy/paste this: ©). $C
    Creation Date Date of the score creation. This could be empty, if the score was saved in test mode (see Command line usage). Edit manually if you are Beethoven's ghost. $D
    Lyricist Same text as "Lyricist" on the first page of the score(see Setting up your score).fragment="title"]). $:lyricist:
    Translator Empty $:translator:
    Platform The computing platform the score was created on. This might be empty if the score was saved in test mode.
    Source May contain a URL if the score was downloaded from or Publish to
    Musescore Version The version of MuseScore the score was last saved with
    File Path The score file's location on your Computer.

    Adding new properties

    To add another metatag, click on the New button. Fill in the "New tag name" field and press OK;

    Input tag name

    Any tag name can be used. For example, the following metatags were used in previous versions of Musescore:

    • movementNumber:
    • movementTitle:
    • originalFormat:
    • poet:
    • workNumber:

    To delete a tag click on the trashcan symbol. The predefined meta tags cannot be deleted.

    Accessing project properties in your score

    To show the content of one or more metatags in a header or footer for your score or part:

    1. Make sure that the correct score or instrument part is the active tab;
    2. From the menu, select Format→Style...→Header, Footer
      Style / Header, Footer
      If you hover with your mouse over the Header or Footer text region, a list of macros will appear, showing their meaning, as well as the existing meta tags and their content.
    3. Add tags (e.g. $:workTitle:, note the leading and trailing colons) and macros (e.g. $M, no colons) to the appropriate boxes, as required;
    4. Changes are directly visible in the score window. Make corrections to the dialog if required;
    5. If an instrument part is in the active tab, click Apply to all parts, if you want to apply these settings to all the score parts;
    6. Click OK to assign the header or footer and exit the dialog.

    In this list $I and $i are only available in parts, because the partName score property is only defined there, unless, as described above, it got manually added to the main score properties. Not shown in this tooltip, but available likewise, is the $:partName: meta tag.

    Metatags for parts

    Every part additionally has the following meta tag, generated and filled on Parts:

    • partName: The name of the part as given on part creation (which is also used to fill the corresponding part name text in the top vertical frame—be aware that later changes to one are not reflected in the other). It can be accessed for use in Headers and Footers using $I, $i, or S:partName:.

    To change a part name:

    • click on parts
    • double click on the part name or click on the "..." menu to the right of the part and choose Rename
    • edit the part name

    This meta tag is not present in the main score and thus is not available for use in its header/footer or in an added part name box in the top vertical frame, unless manually added as a new tag to its score properties.