Setting up your score


    • Score tab - File / New and corresponding shortcut
    • Home tab - "New score" and "New" button


    You can create a score from scratch by choosing instruments yourself or by starting from a template and then possibly changing instruments later.

    Choose instruments

    You can start a score from scratch by adding instruments in the New Score dialog under the tab Choose instruments.

    Adding instruments (animated image)

    MuseScore contains over 500 instruments. Instruments are grouped into categories, and categories are organized into families. If you know what you’re looking for, you can simply type the name of your desired instrument in the search bar. Available instruments will appear beneath the search bar. Alternatively, you can browse instruments by selecting an instrument family in the Family dropdown menu and clicking on a category to see available instruments.

    Adding instruments

    To add an instrument to your score:

    1. Click on the instrument name to select it
    2. Click on to add the instrument to your score (You can also double click an instrument name to add it to your score)

    Instruments are automatically arranged according to the order selected in the dropdown menu under Your Score. From this menu, you can choose from a range of standard score configurations.

    Changing order of instruments

    To change the order of instruments:

    1. Select an instrument in the Your Score panel
    2. Click on or to change its position

    Click on Done to confirm your selection and close the dialog.

    Removing instruments

    To delete an instrument from your score:

    1. Select an instrument in the Your Score panel
    2. Click the trash can icon

    Deleting instruments (animated image)

    You can also delete multiple instruments at once by first holding down Shift and selecting multiple instruments, then clicking the trash can icon to delete them.

    Choose template

    • explain purpose (instrument list, also style)
    • explain process

    Additional score information

    Key signature

    Time signature



    Title and other text

    Changing instruments after score creation

    There are two ways of changing existing score instruments:

    • Press I while in the Score tab; or press Add in the Properties sidebar (see below).

    This brings up the Add or remove instruments dialog which works in exactly the same way as the New score dialog described above.

    • Press F7, or select ViewNavigator

    This displays a sidebar Instruments panel. Note: you can also create and delete unlinked / linked staves here.