Is it possible to create Jazz Chord Charts and Lead Sheets?

• Feb 16, 2009 - 20:24


Is it possible to create Jazz chord charts like you get in Real Books and Jamey Aebersold books with MuseScore?


Yes, it's perfectly possible. One thing which is still missing in MuseScore dough, is a Jazz font.
Find attached a MusicXML file which you can open with MuseScore or with any other music notation software such as Sibelius or Finale. It might set you off in the right direction.

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As mentioned, MuseScore can not handle external fonts, yet. It currently uses the feta font which is the same font used in Lilypond, Rosegarden and some other projects. MuseScore can use developers who are quite font savvy and are willing to spend time improving MuseScore on this matter.

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Not sure what you mean by on the staff, but if you want to print the chord name on the lines and make it non readable you can :) Just exit edit mode and drag the chord name on the staff.

Regarding fonts for chord names, you can change it by pressing F2 and using the text palette.

Normally musescore CAN deal with external fonts but only for text not for music. Developpers and font designers are welcome :)

Yes I think. Right click on the staff -> Staff properties -> Slash style to hide the stems and then you can change the notehead in the notehead palette. Entering G note should make a slash like in a jazz chart.
Once your sheet is ready, you can even save a copy of it in musicXML and share it on :)

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Not sure what you mean...
To enter a B flat minor 7.
- Select a note
- Ctrl + K
- Enter Bbm7
- Press space

For C#7, just enter C#7.

The b and # are automatically changed into "♭" and "♯". To edit a chordname you have inputed, it's better erase it and enter it again because musescore have currently problems recognizing "♭" and "♯" in chordnames.

Is there a way to have a combination of general slashes (non-note specific) and slashes at the top of noteheads? When I right-click a measure and select Staff Properties/Slash Style it changes every bar, whereas I'd like to change just one bar.

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