Lilypond export: 2 issues

• Apr 5, 2011 - 21:43

I'm just reporting a couple of issues when I export to Lilypond (by the way, I love the feature).

Issue 1: My rehearsal marks are numeric, and correspond with the measure numbers. So the rehearsal number text for measure 9 is "9". Lilypond showed it as "1", for first rehearsal number. I fixed in Lilypond by changing the Lilypond code to
\mark #9

Which displayed the 9th rehearsal number. Which is fine when the RN is numeric, but perhaps not a good solution for general purpose.

Issue 2: I added text for "1st Bb Clarinet", only I used the flat symbol. Lilypond interpreted it as some symbol. I changed the text string in the Lilypond file to

\markup{1st B\flat Clarinet}

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