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• Apr 9, 2011 - 19:27

Is it possible edit page numbers location in MuseScore? When I change the values in MS 1.0 nothing happen. It remains at the default position.
Another question: Is it possible change page number for multi-movements works? Apparently is impossible in MS.
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A) Page number location.

It is possible, but with a glitch: the changes are visible only by saving, closing and re-loading the score (but see below for an alternative).

To change the position, use the values in "Style | Edit text styles | Page number".

"RelX" and RelY" refer to the position of the number in the page: RelX = 0% is at full left (at left margin), RelX = 100% is at full right, intermediate values are intermediate positions; RelY = 0% is at top of page, RelY = 100% is at bottom at page.

"X" and "Y" allow to fine tune the position; for instance, RelY = 0% is in a sheet position which is non-printable by many printers; by adding to RelY = 0% an Y = 10mm, the number can be lowered a little (10mm); here negative is UP and positive is DOWN.

B) Initial page number.

The initial page number (i.e. the number of the first page) can be set in "Layout | Page setting" First page no.

The good new is that, if you change the initial number, all page numbers are re-drawn and then any change you may have made to the page number position become visible without re-loading the score.


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