Hide Empty staves - persistence into MusicXml

• Mar 12, 2016 - 20:02

During my perusal of changes, I found this aspect - Hide Empty Staves.
This is just great, I thought. I can now reproduce the scores I have to transcribe to pass them into my application.
I was quite disappointed to find that this aspect seems in no way to be persisted into a MusicXml export.

I could be done, quite simply according to Michael Good, by adding the following to the first measure to be hidden :

    <staff-details print-object="no"/>

with the following when the measures are to be displayed again :

    <staff-details print-object="yes"/>

Could this be integrated ?

PS: note for lasconic - yes you are right, I do code, but I am just starting my new business and have too little time (far too little my wife says) www.zimrahapp.com


Since your business will use MusicXML, that's one more good reason to help :)

Could you point to Michael's answer, for future reference? Would that work for the full staff along the whole score? Are Sib/Fin supporting this?

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