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MuseScore [MusicXML import] extra instrument when importing multi-instrument part starting with rest(s) active normal bug reports Leon Vinken 10 min
MuseScore Dynamics and Hairpins overlap patch (code needs review) normal feature requests Marc Sabatella 16 1 hour
MuseScore Media Kit Audio Backend Support active normal feature requests 6 hours
MuseScore Same note in different voices and lengths plays only the length of the shortest note active normal bug reports 34 17 hours
MuseScore Drum map export forget .drm extension on linux active minor bug reports 3 19 hours
MuseScore Lines extended with Shift+Left over more than one measure not saved/restored fixed critical bug reports jeetee 20 21 hours
MuseScore Extra distance above staff changes on save/reload if staff is scaled fixed major bug reports 8 21 hours
MuseScore Provision of some means to adjust the number of bars counted in active normal feature requests 5 22 hours
MuseScore Volume drop-off when synthesizer delay module (Zita1) is ON active normal bug reports 23 hours
MuseScore Add menu mnemonic - File / &Export, etc active normal tasks AndreiTuicu 6 1 day
MuseScore Custom barline at start of system lost on save/reload patch (code needs review) major bug reports 1 1 day
MuseScore Linked tab staff has incorrect measure. needs info normal bug reports 4 1 day
MuseScore remove -Wformat compiler complaints from qDebug statements in capella.cpp and capxml.cpp when build debug fixed minor tasks ericfontainejazz 15 1 day
MuseScore [Mac OS X] "Full Screen" menu item does not update (check/uncheck) when entering/exiting full screen fixed normal bug reports 12 1 day
MuseScore Export then import of Music XML file gives score with no notes fixed major bug reports Leon Vinken 6 1 day
MuseScore Expose text styles to plugins active normal feature requests jeetee 7 1 day
MuseScore Trill plays too long on tied notes active normal bug reports 7 2 days
MuseScore Allow "Page settings" to remember window-resize when program closes active normal feature requests 2 days
MuseScore Hyphens in lyrics can be left orphaned needs info normal bug reports 13 2 days
MuseScore Advanced staff properties window won't remember user resize or reposition active normal feature requests 2 2 days
MuseScore Special Characters window does not remember user resize active normal feature requests 1 2 days
MuseScore Can't apply symbol from Special characters box active normal bug reports 2 days
MuseScore Playback out of synch active normal bug reports 3 2 days
MuseScore Slur disappears and leads to crash on undo after saving active critical bug reports 5 3 days
MuseScore Section break causes pause before repeats active normal bug reports 20 3 days
MuseScore Toggle between clefs of unpitched percussion and pitched percussion leads to a crash active critical bug reports 1 5 days
MuseScore Permission refused for saving mscz and exported PDF fixed normal bug reports Clarimus 5 5 days
MuseScore Tidy '.travis.yml' by moving scripts into separate files patch (code needs review) normal tasks shoogle 1 5 days
MuseScore Demo files are converted from previous versions of MuseScore and are not laid out correctly active minor bug reports 7 5 days
MuseScore Slur anchor wrong patch (code needs review) normal bug reports Marc Sabatella 10 5 days
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