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MuseScore Mejoras active normal tasks 56 min
MuseScore Loop Playback ignores final repeat marks active normal bug reports 6 7 hours
MuseScore Cannot move tied note into another voice (2.0.2) active minor bug reports 1 8 hours
MuseScore Improving alterations for more ornaments active normal feature requests 18 hours
MuseScore <clef><sign>none</sign></clef> not imported active minor feature requests 4 20 hours
MuseScore mscore -F does not delete ~/.config/MuseScore/MuseScore2.ini.lock, causing musescore to freeze whenever try to modify the .ini fixed major bug reports ericfontainejazz 14 1 day
MuseScore "sff" not kerning properly with Bravura and MuseJazz active normal bug reports 2 1 day
MuseScore Exclude system dividers when generating parts from score fixed minor feature requests 6 1 day
MuseScore Add "cresc."/"dim." to text line "secret identity" of hairpins fixed normal feature requests 2 1 day
MuseScore Danish translation of Bassoon is Fagot rather than Basun fixed normal bug reports Jojo-Schmitz 2 1 day
MuseScore Playback often won't start in 2.0.2 needs info normal bug reports 24 1 day
MuseScore Toggle mmRest, position view not repositionned to last measure selected active minor bug reports 1 day
MuseScore Score's part name (if present) linked when generating parts active normal bug reports 2 days
MuseScore Problem with conversion from file mscz to Midi file. needs info normal bug reports 2 2 days
MuseScore Missing higher notes of Baritone Saxophone active normal bug reports 5 2 days
MuseScore Adding parentheses leads to an unexpected result active normal bug reports 2 days
MuseScore Shortcut "toggle sforzato" or better shortcut for palette's elements active normal feature requests 5 2 days
MuseScore Shortcut conflict—"p" dynamic glyph and Plugin Creator active minor bug reports 2 days
MuseScore Tam Tam crashing everytime I input a note or rest needs info critical bug reports 1 3 days
MuseScore repeat command should repeat whole chord fixed normal feature requests 8 3 days
MuseScore [MusicXML] Support breaks in secondary beams (import and export) active normal bug reports 7 3 days
MuseScore Remember "ignore" choice when loading corrupt scores active normal feature requests 6 3 days
MuseScore Crash With Figured Bass needs info critical bug reports 10 3 days
MuseScore '+' key doesn't work to create tied note after leaving and re-entering note entry mode fixed normal bug reports 5 4 days
MuseScore Implement "cresc." dashed line as alternative to hairpin fixed normal feature requests Marc Sabatella 28 4 days
MuseScore Chords and ties on keyboard entry fixed normal bug reports 2 4 days
MuseScore Beam direction of uneven triplets wrong fixed normal bug reports 32 4 days
MuseScore Dragging breaks & spacers in an empty space in a score with hidden empty staves causes a crash fixed critical bug reports 6 4 days
MuseScore Starting playback on tied notes doesn't play the note active normal bug reports 3 4 days
MuseScore Repeat twice a measure before MM rests causes a crash patch (code needs review) critical bug reports 5 4 days
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