Corrupted file - incomplete measure?

• Mar 16, 2023 - 02:40

Just updated to Musescore 4.0.2 and cannot edit/save a score due to the following message:
Incomplete measure: Part score: Drums, measure 1, staff 1. Found: 0/1. Expected: 4/4.
Incomplete measure: Part score: Drums, measure 2, staff 1. Found: 0/1. Expected: 4/4.
Incomplete measure: Part score: Drums, measure 9, staff 1. Found: 0/1. Expected: 4/4.

Anyone come across this before?


Same for me... :( I edited it in MuseScore 3 and though it allows me to edit and "save anyway" it here as well it warns me that "the file may become unusable". The issue involves 6 consecutive measures that are all empty (on pause) in a SATB choir piece - but interestingly, it only gives problem for the alto (see picture below).

I would appreciate any help on this one.

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Much earlier version? Somehow you've got the wrong idea, because I have absolutely no magical power to know what your score looked like before! Just to see, I simply exported to XML format, and it turns out that in doing so, the error messages disappeared. Which isn't always the case...

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Well - it was just the old title and the old composer was there on top. Everything else was the same, except the instruments had reverted to strings.

Anyway - I’m grateful. I will try that. So you exported to XML format and then opened the XML file and then that was saved as a MuseScore document?

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That's right. But it's not an absolute guarantee in the event of a repeat offence on this or any other file. Exporting in XML format often has good repairing virtues (as a kind of the file reset), but from there, to repair immediatly a corruption of 5 empty measures, I don't think I've seen many!

I usually have 3 ways to correct these errors:
1) go to the respective bars properties and align the Actual Bar duration on the Nominal one:
2023-09-16 10_33_43-Bar properties for bar 1.png
2) delete the measures and re-enter it
3) open the score in a text editor and go and fix the issue. This is definitely more tricky. Be sure to make a backup of your score before using that approach.

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Thanks for the pointer; I had to go into Staff/Part properties > Advanced Style Properties and select Template: Standard and Reset to Template to fix my problem (one measure splitting across two, with the second not terminated with a bar line, and selecting the first also selected the second).

Sadly errors like this are the norm with the much bungled MuseScore 4 release. It's ironic that its predecessor MuseScore 3 works 10 times better and without all the bloat and cloud crap of this overhyped release.

Resetting the parts works for me. You don't need to reset all the parts, just the part that musescore claims to be corrupted.

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