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• Feb 19, 2009 - 08:43


I'd love to see a handwritten notation font for scoring jazz leadsheets (as in Sibelius and Overture).


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Thank you. I found New Real Book free font and installed it. I then assigned it to chord names in the text style menu. However, the extended symbol information (7, sus4, etc.) are not affected by this new font, so they are still too small and in the wrong font. Can anyone advise?

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If you don't care about transposing chord name and exporting them to musicXML (personally I care about this). Because chord names will no more be recongnized as it in musescore, you can use this font. Read the pdf attached to new real book one.

As an example to enter Cadd9.
- Ctrl + K
- Change the font to new real book one (F2)
- Enter C@9

Plenty of info around on fonts for chord symbols, and I've got a good handle on that. What about for notation elements themselves? Eg, noteheads, stems, flags? I gather MuseScore uses fonts called mscore and.or mscore-1 for this, and that these fonts are derived from Lilypond's "Feta" font, and that they are complied into the application. Is there then any way to override this selection and use a different Feta-compatible font? Do any even exist? Not that I dislike the default font; I'm just wondering what my options are.

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Gonville is a lilypond compatible font and has been incorporated in the trunk version (the nighlies are based on the trunk, that will be come MuseScore 2.0 one day). I don't know any other lilypond compatible font and none handwritten ones.
The trunk also has a new way of handling font to ease the addition of new ones, if someone would like to create one.

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