Envelopment of Sound, Articulations

• Apr 13, 2011 - 16:24

Hi, I'm brasilian

but the brasilian topics don't answer my question

I use musescore 1.0,

when I click with the right button> note properties

it display "Atack", "alteretion of atack" and end of alterations of atack,

I want know it is equivalent to "atack, body and decay"

maybe the terms will be different in the English language,

How work with this utilities?

Thank You

P.S: I don't speak english well, sorry, I don't know gramatical rules, but I read english language... I understand....


Your english is good enough and I'm french. There no way to change attack, body and decay. The noteon offset and noteoff offset are only use to shift the start and end of a note and not to change the envelope

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