Dynamics missing from palette!?

• Feb 19, 2009 - 11:14


When I click on the dynamics tab in the palette the box is completely empty!?
I also have the same problem when trying to do this with "create dynamics"?


I'm having a similar problem with my own Pallet. When I click to open the Lines Pallet, the only thing in there is the wavy line trill, everything else still has it's place in the box, but there are no symbols apart from that trill. I am still able to take a wild guess, click in an empty area and draw the symbols in the score, just no way of knowing what I'll end up with before I draw it. The Problem just sprang up one day when I was using rev 1354. I figured it would go away when I upgraded, but I have since uninstalled Musescore and updated to rev 1598, and the problem remains. Is there a way to fix this? I don't think I did anything very special to cause this problem, I just noticed it one day.

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You could try restoring "factory settings" to see if the problem with the palettes persists.

Warning: restoring "factory settings" removes any changes you made in the MuseScore preferences dialog, window settings, or palette customizations.

To restore factory settings for MuseScore on Windows XP go to Start > Run and type mscore -F

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The next time it happens please take a screen shot and attach the image in a reply to this thread. Next quit MuseScore and See if the following file exists on your computer (where "USERNAME" is the name of your account).
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\MusE\MuseScore\mscore-palette.xml

If the mscore-palette.xml file exists please attach it as well.

Does this happen every time you open and close MuseScore (even if you don't do any work on a score)?

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Could you try something:

  1. Start MuseScore with factory settings (via mscore -F)
  2. Single-click to open the Lines palette and check it looks normal
  3. Without doing any editing to the score choose File > Quit
  4. Reopen MuseScore the normal way
  5. Single-click to open the Lines palette

Does the Lines palette still look okay? If so maybe something you are doing during the editing process is causing the palette items to disappear. So far I have not been able to duplicate the problem you are experiencing.

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I still have nothing in my lines pallet other than tr~~~~~. Even worse, if I try to drag from the lines pallet something that is missing there, Musescore crashes. it brings up the crash window at multiple places along the path I drug. I Uninstalled Musescore, moved my files out, deleted the entire program folder and ran a registry cleaner. Then installed the latest revision. Magicly somehow, MScore kept the sound font I was using, and also the line pallet problem. Are these settings kept in a file somewhere outside the program folder, and would deleting this file and reinstalling again solve the problem? How can I do that?

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I've done that many times, but that doesn't solve the problem, it's just a work-around. Using mscore -f only uses the factory settings to start the program, it doesn't restore the factory settings to the program when I open it the normal way. Clearly, though, there is a setting that is interfering with the pallet, because the lines come back when I use mscore -f. However these settings are not contained in the musescore program folder, because I have deleted that folder and reinstalled mscore to no avail.
I did dig out another computer and installed Musescore on it. The lines are all there, but for some reason, text is not. Titles, tempos, instrument names, all are missing from the demo scores. This computer has been sitting around for a while unused, so I'm hoping that particular problem will resolve itself when I update the windows on it.
Anyways, it is disturbing that even when using the uninstall program, these settings are retained. Should I start a new thread to ask that the uninstall completely remove Musescore settings?

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Thank you both for the suggestions, but I have tried both those things as mentioned in my previous posts. As for uninstalling Musescore, I think the problem is that I don't know how to uninstall it completely. My current attempts are to (on windows) click Start/Programs/MuseScore 0.9/Uninstall. Then go in and take my files out of the musescore folder, and delete the program folder and everything else in it. Then I ran a registry cleaner, restarted, ran the registry cleaner again and installed the new version of MuseScore.
Unfortunately when I do this, the line problem remains, and, interestingly, my soundfont also remains. Clearly, there is a file somewhere that I am not deleting that contains information about my settings. I have read on other posts, if I remember correctly, that items missing from the pallet are an issue with settings, but to my knowledge, this has never been solved for anyone.
Where can I find this file, so I can delete the little booger and reinstall it?

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:-\ sigh..... That didn't work either.
I tried going through every tab on edit/preferences, and clicking [restore defaults] .... no dice.

The only way I can get it to work is by running MScore -f. but I don't want to have to relocate my soundfont every time.
What exactly does Mscore -f do and how can I make the effects stick?

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-F is what is known as a Command line option . -F tells MuseScore to delete all your custom settings (as if you were opening MuseScore for the first time). If the settings change after this there are three possible reasons: (1) you changed the settings on purpose (e.g. new SoundFont), (2) you changed the settings by accident (maybe you could share a screencast), or (3) they changed because of some undiscovered bug (we would need to be able to reproduce the bug).

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But what I think is not a minor point is that on my computer -f doesn't delete the custom settings, it only ignores them for the session it opens. I'm going to guess that this was at one time a bug with one of the revisions I had downloaded, whereby it was all too easy to accidentally change the pallet. I have no way of reproducing this as I have no idea what I did to cause it. I just want it to work properly. Is there a way to permanently delete all custom settings? -F doesn't do it, so please, no more suggestions to use -F as I have explained. What happens when I use -F is that it opens a session in which the lines pallet works, but my soundfont is changed to the piano thing. in order to get my soundfont to work, requires a restart of musescore not using the -f method, in which case the lines pallet is messed up again. I want it all! haha
Also, as mentioned in an earlier post, uninstalling and reinstalling don't seem to help at all.
I'm not sure what good another screen shot will do, but I've included it just in case.

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What I was trying to explain is that -F does delete the settings, but in your case something else is corrupting the settings by the time you open it up the next time.

I can understand your frustration but debugging can be hit and miss until we find a solution. What I had in mind was a screencast rather than a screenshot, with you going through the steps I outlined above .

Another possibility is to try the portable version of MuseScore: http://portableapps.com/node/18149

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I'm not sure how to do a screencast, it looks like it would take software that i don't have. :-\ What I can tell you is that following the steps you outlined, -F makes the lines pallet look normal, I then close and open the normal way, and the lines pallet looks like the screenshot.
I apologize if my frustration came through in previous posts. I really do appreciate all the help I've received for this problem.

I fixed this by deleting a folder on my computer. On mine, it is located at C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\MusE.
Once the folder was deleted, I emptied the recycle bin and ran a registry cleaner. Then restarted my computer and reinstalled MuseScore.
Voila! The pallet is complete.
Hope this helps Dickiefunk if he's still having his problem.

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And yet it didn't. I don't know why, but as I stated earlier, mscore -f only temporarily fixed the problem. I had to manually delete the file. Nobody has ever mentioned this file or the possibility of deleting it. I got the idea because I started getting an error message "unexpected end of file" pertaining to an xml file in that folder.

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