random marks or elements on the staff

• Mar 22, 2016 - 21:31

When I change the number of beats for a measure, for example from 4 to 27 (for chants for church music) I get all these random vertical lines that do not go away and interfere with the music I am writing. Also, I am writing for 4 voices, and sometimes in one of the voices, a rest will not disappear when I have filled the measure with the appropriate beats. They print out and make the music look funny.
Also, is there a faster way of moving the text within the middle space of the system which does not involve clicking on each word and moving it? I tried to find a way to move the lyrics indicator, and looked for it in the help, but could find nothing.
Thank you for having a much easier program to use than what I was using before!


Could you please attach a sample score and screenshots illustrating the issues you have encountered? Otherwise it is really very difficult (at least for me) to identify the issue and give you some helpful answers.

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