MuseScore installed on 10,000 computers in Quebec

• Apr 20, 2011 - 10:14

CSSMI, the Board of Education of La Seigneurie des Milles-îles in Canada, introduced on their blog a list of new software that became available on their computer network. Along with other free software, MuseScore was in the list as well. The blog post didn't reveal much so we contacted CSSMI to get some more details.

Jean-François Dupras replied to us saying "Oui effectivement, le logiciel MuseScore est maintenant disponible sur l'ensemble de nos 10,000 postes pédagogique". Thus MuseScore is now available on 10,000 computers across schools in the Milles-îles region in Quebec. This is terrific news and a great testimonial that MuseScore 1.0 is recognized as good and stable software for education.

We'd like to thank the APO-CSSMI team for this trust in MuseScore and spreading it towards their students.

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