Hide tablature on main score sheet?

• Apr 1, 2016 - 21:13

If it turns out this is not something that can be done currently, I'll move this to feature requests, but I wanted to check first.

I have a multi-instrument score that includes a guitar part with a linked tablature staff. I'd like the staff to appear on the individual part, but not on the full score. Any way to achieve that result?


Not currently, and in 2.0.2 there are bugs that do very bad things if you try too hard to force this to happen. In 2.0.3 - which will be released very soon - the bugs that have been reported are fixed, but it still prbably won't be possible to do this.

What you'd have to do is create the score with just the standard staff, then export the part to a separate file, and add the linked staff there.

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