Shape note heads unequal (4-shape)

• Apr 11, 2016 - 00:32
S5 - Suggestion

I transcribe a lot of 4-shape songs (>650 so far).
I use MuseScore 2.0, Bravura Font, and the shapenote plugin, under Windows 10.
Issue is that note heads are too small compared with 'la' (rectangle).
My work-around, developed with some help from friends, is described as:
1. Plugin: Shape Notes, 4-shape.
2. Select each 'sol', double-click on Normal in Note Heads pallette. Correct 'sol' whole notes to Half shape in Inspector.
3. Style, General, Sizes: Set Small Note size to 120%.
4. Select each 'fa' and 'mi', click on Small in Note section of Inspector.
I would be willing to help with improvement of this situation.

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