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• May 15, 2011 - 06:56

Hello all: Thanks, Musescore team for all your hard work! I've been enjoying the learning process with the program, and really starting to turn out nice scores with it.

Perhaps I've missed this elsewhere (didn't come up in search), but I'm looking for a WYSIWYG solution for showing a multiple-measure tacet, as you can see in the picture. I managed to accomplish this by clicking the create multi-measure rests box, but I thought it might be easier if there was a line that could be found in a menu, and then one could put a number adding a chord above the bracketed line.


Using the mac version 1.0 on a macbook pro.

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How would it be easier having to select measures yourself, count them, and manually create all these, as opposed to simply enabling the option for MuseScore to create them all automatically?

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Hi, Marc:

Thanks for the reply.

For the situation I was in (building a lead sheet for one of my instrumentalists), I didn't know about the multi-measure rests box yet. Having that symbol available makes sense when you are making quick 1 or 2 page pop/jazz lead sheets to be able to just do it visually. In a chart, I'm very often using 4, 8, 16 bar tacets since the music is so formulaic. Once I finally did figure out the multi-measure rest check box, I was a little worried that I would ruin my single-page layout. It ended up being fine, of course, but I went to the trouble of saving before I tried it...

I guess having the feature would just save the time of creating bars that I won't use anyway, just to have them disappear, and having to go into the style preferences to do anything. If one could set up one blank bar, drag the bracketed line to it, hit command+K to give it a chord text entry, then type in the number of bars you want taceted, it would be very fast. I am a very visual guy though, so maybe that's why it makes sense to me.

peace :)


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Well, you can certainly create these symbols as graphics if you're just looking for a quick and dirty way of getting the look every once in a while. But consider:

- MuseScore generally cares about playback. If you want it to play back correctly, you'd want the right number of measures anyhow.

- Lead sheets virtually never need multimeausre rests - it's *scores* that need them, because some other instrument has something going on in those measures. Unless you're literally asking for several measures of complete silence in the middle of your tune.

- Adding a few measures rest - or just skipping over the right number of measures - takes no more time than doing what you are suggesting.

- It's still way easier to flip this option once when you are done with a score than to manually insert each and every multimeasure rest. It caught you off guard and may have taken a while to find the first time, but I'm quite sure you'll find the actual method which is also how every other notation program in the world does it, for good reason - to be much more efficient.

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