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• May 17, 2011 - 19:50


I have just started using musescore.after quite a few years as a Finale user. Musescore is the first music software that has attracted me away from Finale as a lot of its features are better and easier to implement. However tunes are my game and what none of the score writing packages seem to implement is any form of proper word processing or features to be able to produce tunebooks for example. It would be nice to find a score writing package that would give the ability to insert comprehensive notes or produce a contents list or index of tunes at the back. Also where multiple tunes could be created and placed into your 'book' as seperate tunes with the abilty to manipulate, edit and play them as individual tunes or group them together as tune sets. Giving each tune (and tune sets) their own individual titles etc.Then being able to print everything out as a tunebook or compilation of tunes. To have the ability to do that would put any score producing software way, way ahead of the competition. Having said all that, I am sticking with musescore now and dumping Finale because I do like it a lot. The brilliant work gone in to producing musescore is very much appreciated.

Regards, Brian Fisher


oriented. As a quick practical matter, perhaps the way to get what you want would be a two stage solution: Use MuseScore for the music, producing individual files for each piece. Output them as PDF files, then combine them and add the index and other text in a PDF editing program.

-- J.S.

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Many thanks for your reply. The superb, quick response from people is impressive and very much appreciated. schepers informs me that the nightly build has early support for combining separate songs into an "album". So I am pleased to see it is being looked at and look forward to using that and other new features in future versions. I do appreciate it is a lot to add to musescore and probably a big undertaking to get everything wanted. I am already impressed by the features available in musescore. Many thanks for your suggestion. I will look at using PDF files to get what I want.

The nightly build has early support for combining separate songs into an "album" for easier printing as a book but not much else yet. There's no improvements for your textual requirements, indexes etc.

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Many thanks for your reply. I am pleased to see it is being looked at and look forward to using that and other new features in future versions. I do appreciate that all I ask for is a lot to add to musescore. It is a nice feature to be able to make suggestions.

Regards, Brian Fisher

While MuseScore text processing is somehow limited and the tune management features you describe are not even in the developing pipe, you may get some suggestion about how to combine multiple pieces in a single score looking at some scores I made, like this and this .

I put all the textual part in a separate PDF, which is then merged with the PDF(s) produced by MuseScore to generate a single distribution PDF (not posted to forum, as it is not relevant for MuseScore). The whole processing is automated with a batch file.


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Many thanks for your reply

It does seems that Tune management / tunebook type features are being looked at and developed and are already included in the nightly build. So I look forward to those features in future versions. Thanks for your suggestions. I will look at your work and see how I can incorporate that in what I want do.

Regards, Brian Fisher

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PDFSAM is an excellent utility for building multi page PDF documents from lots of individual pdf documents. Not quite as flexible as having proper typesetting utilities within Musescore but useful all the same. Using 'Save as PDF' it goes part way into solving the album problem. I am now a confident user of Musescore and have dumped Finale altogether. Musescore is a much better piece of software and is improving all the time.

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