Different Format for Page 1

• May 19, 2011 - 06:42

It is great that MuseScore allows different page formats for odd and even pages, but I seem to always have problems with getting my scores to fit on the first page. (I write scores for choir and full orchestra.) Because of the titles at the top of the first page, the first system is often pushed to the second page. If I adjust everything so that I can pull it back to the first page, then usually all of the subsequent pages are pulled right up to the top of the page and have a bunch of space left at the bottom, which just does not look very nice. This also makes a big mess when you try to extract parts. I end up having to reformat the page for every part, which is a big drag.

It would be really, really useful if we had the option of setting page format for the first page and having it be different from all of the subsequent pages to account for the titles and text at the top of the page. I really appreciate what a good job MuseScore does with formatting and avoiding collisions in the music itself. In fact, I think it does a better job than Finale and Sibelius in this regard, but not being able to format individual pages is a big drawback.


I concur. MuseScore is a wonderful resource but I would like to see this as well. It is often possible to work around this problem on the first page by forgoing vertical frames and inserting titles, composer, etc., by entering them as System Text items. Another possibility is to simply use page one as a title page and begin the actual music on page two.

But these are awkward and time consuming solutions and the results are often only compromises. It would be very helpful to be able to specify a separate format for page one.

And while on a related subject, the vertical spacer is a highly useful tool for increasing space between staves. But it would also be extremely useful to have a method of decreasing this space for selected staves, unless perhaps there is already a way of doing this that I am not aware of.

I agree that different margins etc for the first page especially would be useful. I've found that once you really get a solid handle on what each of the various different layout parameters does, you can get what you want more often than if you just sort of randomly tweak things hoping to get them right, but still not, you can't always get it exactly. I've taken to just letting MuseScore put the title on its own page when working with larger scores, so the first page of the score doesn't need to be different, and I find I like this approach well enough that I'd be unlikely to want to switch to different spacings or scale factors for the first page just to get the title to display with the first page of the score. But I agree that MuseScore should make it possible to get that look if you want.

I think a fairly good solution might be to have a sort of "format-edit mode" where instead of changing the content of the score you are able to change how the content looks. For example, the ability to click and drag systems where you want them to go, the ability to click on a barline and drag it left or right to add or eliminate the space within the measure, and even with a multi-system instrument such as piano, the ability to move one of the systems up/down independent of the other so as to allow a changeble distance between the systems. Make such a setup toggleable (so you don't have to deal with general format editing while notating your music) and give it a grid or some other kind of guide lines so you can be a little more precise with your editations, and I think it would work rather well and still be fairly simple to use. Not to mention I think it would help solve the issue being discussed in this thread.

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