Export Gone ?!

• May 22, 2011 - 20:05

I just installed UIbuntu with Unity (release version) and installed Musescore 1.0

Export feature is Gone !?

No saving to Wav or Midi ...... the export is simply not in the menu at all !?

I had just reach the 10 min marker for a original score I have been working on and decided to play it back in the car.... so I went to write it to Wav.

?????? No option to save to Wav or Midi ?

any linux type printouts you want me to do ?


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Arr... right... thanks !


I probably tried that at first.... HOWEVER,

I worked out how to do it as usual BUT my fresh install has illuminated a bug.
Or.. an issue with Ubuntu, one or the other.

In Ubuntu 11.04 Unity (fresh install) (maybe other versions as well) when you open the 'Save As' option you are not presented 'by default' with a drop down list... See Screenshot.

However.... When you click the "Browse for other folders" arrow in this image you DO get the 'Save As' options which DO work :)

For what its worth, when I was searching for the option to save as Wav or Midi I also tried simply changing the extension in the screenshot box you see, which does not work ...

As I said, don't know if its a Musescore or Ubuntu issue... either way, probably a quick fix.


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