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• Apr 23, 2016 - 12:20

not sure if this forum deals with the songbook app, however:-

had the app running on previous tablet - Samsung Pro, but on my new one - acer iconia, running android 5.1 it will not start up, just either returns to home screen or sometimes comes up with error report window, which I always send off

I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, it worked first time, but after that did not start up

anyone have any insights or help in this? thanks



I am a choir conductor and singing teacher and I work a lot with Musescore. Now more and more of my choir members and students work with musescore. But a lot of them do only own a windows computer and not a tablet.
If they practise with the musescore software they canb accidentally alter the score even without noticing. While the Musescore songbook it is a 'read only'appwhich means no risk of accidentally altering. So could you please (if not yet ready) make the M. Songbook app available for windows too? I know lots of people would like the windowsversion of the songbook app too.

Thank you so much!

Mari'an van Loon

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By the way looking around I saw at the bottom of the page a button for apps for windows phone. Using that one I found a possibility to subscribe to future notification of the availablility of the Songbook for windows. So everyone: please sign up for that too so that the Musescore team knows how important this is for us. See the attached jpgs tyo find it if necessary. musescore bericht in forum.JPG musescore bericht in forum.JPG musescore bericht forum 2.JPG

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