.sib to musicxml conversion

• Apr 29, 2016 - 06:40

Hey, I know this probably isn't a good idea, but I really need to ask it. Are there any of you out there that could help me convert a piece of music? I can't afford Sibelius, but I used it at my school to create an orchestral piece that is more then 40 pages long! I would really like to convert it so I can continue to work on it in musescore. Can you guys help? I guess I should also note, that since I've already used the free trial for Sibelius first (the piece was partially created using that free trial) I can't use that software in association with any plugins, as the 30 day time limit ran out a long time ago, and the save/export functions have been disabled.


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Thank you for the link; also, no I don't access to the school computer as I am not currently a student.

Update: I just checked the link. Unfortunately in order to post anything you have to be a member, and to be a member you have to have the serial number of the software. :(

Thanks for your help though!

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if you attach the score here as zip I could try to convert it with Sibelius 7.1.3. If your score is of a later version then someone else must try.

You can also send to me per email (adress at bottom here):

Or you could install the trial of Sibelius 8. Try export with the builtin export and also with the free Dolet plugin:

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