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• Jun 1, 2011 - 16:10

For all those who are daring enough to try and build their own Windows nightlies and branch versions, I present this BUILD.CMD script I am working on. It is still a work in progress, but I am finding it very helpful when I need to re-build and re-test a recently updated version, either the nightly trunk or the 1.0 patched branch. It has been somewhat tested under Win7, and should work under Win Vista. Hopefully it works under XP as well, but I no longer have an XP install to test under. The script requires admin credentials to run, to you should either be an admin, or have access to an admin account. Under Win7 and Vista, right-click on the script and select "Run as administrator" to do so. XP users likely just have to launch the script as long as they are logged in under an account with admin credentials.

It's not an overly complicated script, but it must be put into the proper folder in the MS source tree, either source\trunk for the nightly or source\branches\mscore-0-9-6 for the 1.0 patched branch. It removes the need for the user to add all the paths to the various dependancies to the system PATH variable. Instead, the 3 application paths (CMAKE, Qt and MinGW) are stored in variables in the beginning of the script and must be modified before using the script. The 4'th path (the MuseScore source location) is derived from where the script file is running from.

The script performs the WIN32 build first, then the INSTALL build so you have the completed WIN32INSTALL folder ready to use once its done. Since the dependancy paths are not in the system PATH, any missing DLL's in the build will be spotted immediately. With the paths in the build, you will not know of a DLL or other file is missing as it will be found.

My hope is that this script will evolve and eventually become part of the source, making the builds easier. If it's adopted, it will make the Windows compile page a bit easier as well.

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