dots of dotted notes move away when moving multiple notes with mouse

• May 2, 2016 - 22:48


Musescore2.0.3, Win7 32bit

if I do a range selection and then click on a note with ctrl+LMB then I can move all notes up down with the mouse. But the dots of dotted notes move far too much and away from their notes.

(workaround is to reset the dots' positions afterwards. Or only use keyboard for moving. Or click on "select: notes" in Inspector before ctrl+LMB a note to move)

mh, perhaps this kind of selecting isn't "official" !?
aha, sure: the same happens with fingerings etc.


I'm not quite sure what you mean here - dragging notes around would normally be only to make fine manual adjustments in their position (eg, something you would virtually never need to do). Changing pitch is done with the arrow keys. In any case, I can't see any sequence of operations that would even allow me to do that sort of manual adjustment for a range selection all at once, so I can't see the behavior of the dots moving.

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Yes, I meant to change pitch of multiple notes with the mouse instead of the keyboard.

1.You can do this if you make a range selection,
2. then filter for notes only by clicking "select: notes" in the inspector.
3.Now if you click on a single note with LeftMouseButton normally only this note gets selected, but if you hold CTRL and click and drag then all notes keep selected while dragging up or down and change the pitch.

So what I wanted is possible this way.

At first I tried the same just by making a selection range, without filtering for notes. So if you do
1. and
and leave out 2.
then you get a mixed up motion of notes and all other elements like dots, fingerings, symbols.

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Huh, sounds like a bug but I can't reproduce - I can't get MuseScore to drag a group of selected notes whether a range or a list. Nor would I expect to. What version of MuseScore, what OS? You are really just selecting a group of notes, Ctrl+clicking one, and dragging? When I do that nothing happens, whether or not I filter the selection to jsut the Notes first using the Inspector.

Anyhow, I wouldn't expect this to work. As I said, that's not the correct way to change pitch.

I can confirm this (V 2.0.2 build 3543170 in ubuntu). Click first note, [Shift]click last note in range. Keep [Shift pressed] and click on any note in the range and drag it up or down and the pitches change accordingly (not just the position). The dots. though (that's duration augmentation dots), seem to move twice as far as the notes do for a given amount of dragging.

You can fix it by right-clicking on the dot, select all similar and press [Ctrl]r.

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