VST instruments

• Feb 28, 2009 - 16:47

Is this even possible? I don't know, yes it's in pro notation programs but I don't know how hard that would be, but it's one of the things keeping me from MuseScore right now. Will this be supported in future versions? Because currently I've used soundfonts, and they always sound the same distorted way like an out of tune piano or something. Using a VST instrument as output and saving to mp3 would make this program amazing!


Yes, it'll be great if we can have it. More flexibility. Some composers like to hear exactly what they want while composing...

Now as to feasibility, can we issue a call for someone who can write VST host code in GPL without violating intellectual property rights? Has someone in the open-source community done a clean-room reverse engineering of the VST header file already?

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Yes, there are two ways of implementing VST - one is to use Steinberg SDK wich is free to use but not open source and you would go into copyright troubles if you distribute a binary with VST. Silly. But luckily, reverse engeneering has been done so now it is in hands of programmers. See www.ardour.org - It is open source digital audio workstation that supports VST. I think that VST implementation in Musescore is a nice idea. The question is if there is someone willing to make an effort to do that. There are probably more important things to solve in Mscore right now... Also, I wonder how VST Musescore would work on Mac... :( What about Audio Units support? :-)

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