5/4 Almost always copies poorly (as well as 15/8 and 7/4)

• Jun 8, 2011 - 23:41

Anything written in 5/4 tends to copy poorly. The same seems to occur in 15/8 and 7/4.

After using a lot of 5/4 and some 7/4 in a piece of sheet, after going back to 2/4, things still copy poorly.

Not sure if this is due to inclusion of triplets in the score.

Copies poorly even with absence of triplets.


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What do you mean by poorly ? Can you give step by step instruction to demonstrate the bug ? Describe what you expect and what you obtain.

See [[nodetitle:How to report bug or ask for support]]

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Windows 7
Musescore 1

Copying a section from a piece in 5/4 and pasting it into another area in the piece (still 5/4) will sometimes result in the notes being shifted back 1 beat or being shifted forward 1 beat. Tuplets are almost always fragmented and appear on the wrong beat or between beats rather than on the beat.

Piece in question can be found here: http://musescore.com/score/18311

Copying any section of the 5/4 and pasting it will often result in this problem. Longer sections seem to cause more problems, sections with more notes cause more problems, faster notes cause more problems. Tuplets are like hades.

Thanks :)

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I select by pressing one note, holding shift, pressing another note? It's the rests causing the errors. The rests that give wrong counts came about due to the copy paste and throw the notes out of place.

You can recreate by copying measures 35-40 for Cello 1 and pasting it to Cello 2, for example.

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I don't see a problem when copying a valid 5/4 measure to another, but I do see several measures that appear to have the wrong number of beats in them, and trying to copy or paste to or from them, or from the measures immediately succeeding them, does indeed cause problems. See, for example, the dotted whole rests in the violins in bar 26. That spills over into the next bar. So copying anything into or out of those two measures is problematic. Bars 27-8 in the first violin are worse still. So I'd say the problem isn't with copying 5/4 bars, but that somehow, you got into a place where have some apparently corrupt measures.

Just FYI, I find the corruption of measures in copying/pasting when the copy starts in the middle of a measure and goes to the middle of another measure, then it's pasted in somewhere else. I find almost zero errors copying and pasting full measures to other full measures. It's the partial measure copying that give errors, especially if you start the copy on beat 2 1/2 and try to paste it into beat 2 (or anywhere else NOT beat 2 1/2) in another measure. Those are the times I get corrupted measures.

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I can't reproduce because I haven't had the problem in a long while. I quit trying to copy/paste from the middle of a measure to the middle of another measure, so I can't give any steps. I just know that that's been the cause of corrupted measures for me in the past.

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