Getting Volta and Repeats right

• May 12, 2016 - 04:23

Hi there

I'd like to get the repeats working right in the attached score. What I want is that it plays the first bar followed by the second bar 3 times, then the first bar followed by the third bar once, then goes on the the second line of music. I am not sure how to notate this correctly nor how to make it play correctly in musescore. Any help much appreciated.

I just love this script. I wrote a rave about it on Facebook in a group I admin with over 1000 members. I have been using it a couple of days and every day I find some wonderful new feature. Today it was custom fret-diagrams which means I do not have to use complicated chord names which no-one understands and which are ambiguous anyway.


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I don't understand the meaning of the measure property "Repeat count", but I know that it should always be 1 more than the count of the repeats. If you want one repeat, it must be 2 - if you want 3 repeats it must be 4.

Besides I deleted the repeat mark in measure 3 and inserted an opening repeat mark in measure 4.

I hope that's the wished result.

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Oh, thank you. Now it's clear: The measure propery "Repeat count" doesn't belong to the measure but to the section and it doesn't count the repeats but the times played.

That's rather confusing, but now I know how to interprete this property.

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