Identify start measures

• May 12, 2016 - 21:42

Hello again,
I wanted to ask whether it is possible to identify the measures of a score or know the time or tempo compass to know or identify what note or time begins each of the measures. Is there a command to run from the terminal to say this ? I 'm looking to know the beginning of each measure that compose a score.


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Yes , what I'm looking for is the start time of each measure or note which begins each, if you could identify running any command line to tell me this value , for example a score with 25 bars : in the second (or time , note midi ... ) 2 starts the first measure , at 3 the second and so on.
Because I seek synchronize a wav with a score that will indicate the measures by which it is .
You could also make knowing time per bit for each note measure to know what time it belongs. I hope I explained well , thank you very much .

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Thank you very much , and the output file ( file.mpos or file.spos what extension is ) which contain or with which they could see or open ? Could you use an XML file instead of using file.mscz file.xml ? I 'm looking for a way to have me some data Compasses for example 4 by 4 and so know how long is each measure , or midi note or moment in which each measure would start composing each score

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