Switching between “open” and “closed” score formats

• May 13, 2016 - 12:32

Is it possible to switch between “closed score” (S&A on one stave, T&B on another) and “open score” (SATB on separate staves) in the middle of a piece? I’m using MS 2.0.3 under OS X El Capitan.


Yes and no, but mainly yes :)

It's not as much switching from one to the other, rather than having all 6 'instruments'(=staves) in there and then use the 'hide empty staves' option to see the switch happen.

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I always disable the ‘out of range’ colouring, but I see your point. I’m transcribing a piece of choral music which switches from S&A T&B to S A T B because my handwritten copy is hard to read. Other choir members may be using the original copies, so I’m trying to keep to the same format and pagination to avoid confusion at rehearsals. Do I need to include the piano part in both versions in order for it to create a Grand Staff with the piano?

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