Strange beaming behavior on custom time signatures

• May 25, 2016 - 11:02

Hi all,

I have a strange beaming behavior. Here's the procedure I applied:

1. I set time signature to C
2. I hide the time signature on all staffs
3. I set custom time signature for every measure (in that case it was 13/16)

4. I enter the notes and by default I get:

5. When I use the beambutton5.png tools to make the beams looks the same as the one marked as OK in the picture, I get:

What can I do ?
Thanks for your help



The default beaming for any time signature is controlled by the properties you set when you created the time time signature. It seems maybe this isn't an *actual* custom time time signature though, just an ordinary 4/4 measure with a different actual duration than nominal? Posting the actual score rather than just a picture would help clarify. Anyhow, you can set the default beaming for whatever the time signature actually is by right clicking it and choosing Time Signature Properties. If you want totally different beaming in different measures, you'll probably need to use actual time signatures and suppress them in staff properties at the end.

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Indeed, with every measure having a different length but no actual time signature changes, it will be tricky to get the beaming the way you want in all cases. But here at least, I can tell you how to get the first measure the way you want.

First step is to force the second and third notes to join fully, by clicking the third note and setting the beam property explicitly to beam middle. I guess that is what you tried, but do it again. It leaves the broken beam facing the "wrong" way, but you can fix by then clicking the *fourth* note and explicitly setting it to either 16th sub or 32nd sub.

Without doing a full analysis of the different beamings you will need, I can't say for sure, but I suspect you might be best off if you re-enable time signatures for these staves again temporarily, then use Time Signature Properties to set the default beaming to not break *anywhere* (no sub-beams either), so you can add all breaks and sub-beams manually.

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Click the fourth note, double click the "beam 16th sub or "beam 32nd sub" icon in the Beam Properties palette. Either with tell MuseScore not to allow the triple beam into the fourth note, which will force the partial beam on the third note to point backwards.

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