Creating frames that won't show on parts (or, adding extras to a score)

• May 25, 2016 - 22:15

My score's first page won't accommodate the title and the music together, so I thought I'd make a nice cover image to fill the void of my accidental "title page". I worked out the dimensions of the image, extended the default vertical frame to cover the entire page sans margins, and got everything to fit just fine.

However, now my new image is showing up in all my parts. This wouldn't be a huge problem, as the image stays at a reasonable size thanks to the "Scale to frame size" checkbox (although it doesn't translate well when shrunk down)...except now I'm thinking I'd like to add a page of notes (the kind involving words) for future performers to reference without having to retrieve my score's description. This would entail adding another frame, adding space to the top of my parts, and the ensuing text appearing there would just be Bad.

Is there a way (which I've obviously missed) to create frames in a score that don't propagate to its parts (or vice versa, for that matter)? Or is there another method to achieve my desired end?

(If this isn't possible, this might wind up being more of a feature request, for some sort of "supplemental materials" system; it would be quite handy to pack this sort of thing all into one MuseScore file. The part system is already a lifesaver!)


I don't know of a way to do this currently aside from making the notes separate and gluing them to the PDF for the score after the fact. In general, we know we need a way to disassociate certain elements between score and parts, we just haven't come up with a good design for this yet.

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Ah, that's what I was afraid of. For now, I can at least make the image invisible on every part without disrupting anything, since it's inside the default title frame. (I seem to be using the "visible" checkbox for a lot of workarounds lately...)

The idea I had in my head was to be able to define a page/pages for a score/part exempt from the conventions of the rest of that material (e.g. page numbering) and unable to affect the actual display of the music (so frames can't extend onto the "first page" of music and screw things up). These supplemental pages would still appear in the normal page view (optionally?), but would have their own style settings. I suppose one of the problems is that frames currently have to be attached to measures, and probably make a lot of assumptions based on that; maybe for a first pass, each supplemental page would simply have a hard-coded frame taking up the entire page space. This would be a specialized solution for this sort of case, but I'm not sure how broadly it would apply...

That certainly is a tricky design problem, though. I suppose my mind is just preoccupied with my use case at the moment.

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