Add horizontal frame *only* to parts

• May 31, 2016 - 04:30

Is there a way to add a horizontal frame *only* to parts? I've got a score that I've divided into 3 sections, and the section breaks cause bad spacing in the final measure of the first two parts. I would like to make the final measure of the first two parts only take up part of the page's width, like the last measure of the score.

Is there some type of non-frame that is like a line break that allows you to adjust the right margin?


Horizontal frames are the way to do this, but there isn't a way to add them in parts only. When I've needed to do anything like this I just live with the frames in the score, and size them appropriately, and have been happy with the results.

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Sure. In general, though, we really need to look at the bigger picture and think abut a framework for alloing elements of any given type to be linked or not. It's something I'd like to see happen and will probably work on myself at some point, but it's a big complex problem.

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I can agree with that (a general framework on linking or not linking things in parts is both necessary and probably a ton of work).

Another use case for that framework is in my current workaround for marching bass unison notes. I select a note I entered and then force it to "line 4", so it's in the middle line. However, if I realize that I made a mistake *after* I made the parts, I have to correct it twice (or copy & paste the bar(s) I edited to the part), since updating one of those doesn't update the other one.

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This thread already has both answers:

The unison notes are where all the basses play at the same time and notation is nicer if you use a dedicated note for that, rather than write it out as a 4 or 5 note chord. This isn't currently implemented into the soundfont (to my knowledge) nor the instuments.xml definition (for sure not there right now), so you can either have ugly chords for unison notes or use a workaround.

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Since I'm editing the marching percussion sections of instruments.xml anyway, I've got a couple questions about adding notes for these to the bass drum definition now and letting the soundfont follow later:

1. Can we have two drums share the same MIDI pitch (assign my unison bass note to a MIDI pitch that's already used by another drum as a placeholder so the notation is correct without having to manually change the position of the note)?
2. Can one drum trigger multiple MIDI pitches (so that the new note can function as an alias of hitting all 5 bass drums at once)?

The problem with my current solution is that all the unison bass notes I have currently are just bass drum 3 manually assigned to the center line, so they would not benefit from any future improvements in notation or playback, since they're simply notes I forced to "line 4" (and I don't know of any way to select all notes that you manually assigned to line 4 to change their pitch). What I'd like to do is make the unison bass drum notes easy to enter (so there's no need to use the Inspector) and able to upgrade (since a different soundfont would still play the current notes as bass drum 3 and not a unison note).

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I don't know of a way to do either of these. The assumption seems to be 1-1 mapping between MIDI pitches and displayed notes.

I don't think I fully understand the issues, but If I were you I'd simply assign an unused MIDI pitch to the line in question in question so you can add a second note there, and then assume some day you'll get around to adding a sound at that pitch. Maybe I'm still missing soemthing though.

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