Google play musescore songbook problem

• Jun 2, 2016 - 07:01

I bought your musescore song book app for support great musescore team!
it is good but still has some bug and problem.

1. I can not type the search bar using Chinese due the search bar set as a password keyboard properties. I had report the problem but not fix it yet now.
2. How do I clear the loaded song temporary file to release space of my device. Due to i have hundred song opened and i found the app eat more and more space of my device in /data/data/com.musescore.player/files/

Could you fix these problem and bugs for better use experience? Thank you very much!


Thank you for sharing your issues.

For the 2nd question: swipe the score you want to remove to the left. That will reveal the delete button.

As for the Chinese input, I will come back to you later today once I have some insight in the status of this issue.

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And i use explorer to open the mscz files in my sdcard. Maybe there need some improve for this user type like me in the UI. Like add settings not save temp mscz files in rom or save temp file in sdcard /android/data for device space.

But all above is not important for delete all at once! It really need a button for delete all temp file!

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1. Need search bar support Chinese
2. Clear all song button to delete temp files or have pain fingers
3. Repeat button select all song (start to end) instead the first measure when first press on repeat button, or have big problem in a long long song

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Some song play in the end will jump back to first measure, but some song will stuck in the last measure!

That is a bug in every song! That is a really big bug!
The play bar do only play last measure only half measure and just stop!! If there some bean after the half of last measure won't be played!

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This file doesn't play the tempo in MuseScore 2.0.3 or even in MuseScore master. The two non working tempos have an hard code "quarter note = 80" BPM, you can see it if you edit the score with MuseScore and check the inspector. So it's not really a bug in MuseScore Songbook.

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due to i will open about 200+ file after practice, so 2. it is very important for me.

1. - ok - Search bar support Chinese
2. Clear all temp file button
3. - on purpose - Repeat button select first to last measure when first press
4. - ok - Fix last measure play problem that only play half measure!
5. speed problem

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New bug found.
If open a mscz file via explorer, close the score and close song book and just use "recent app(jump between app)" reopen songbook, the song book will automatically open the last file open via explorer, even trash the song before close the songbook. But directly click on app icon will be ok.

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Thank you!
Maybe the file open from sdcard in explorer do not do a duplication, just open it and remember the path. The file from web share just download to sdcard and also just remember the path. Then the list of recent files has a limited number with a file just to remember the path in /data/data/com.musescore.player/. That maybe solve the issue.

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