Multiple Song (Composition) per File

• Jul 6, 2011 - 13:00

I teach music (rock/blues violin) and sometimes I like to write my own lessons - when I do - I usually write simple exercises..... so this feature request is....... multiple songs/compositions per file. I noticed somebody else requested this or something similar.

It "appears" the current software isn't set up for this. This is probably not quite such an easy request because you might have some global variables set up in the current software and now you need an array. It would also require MUCH MUCH regression testing that the current functionality isn't broke

A couple thoughts,

  • I can see the "default" being one song/composition per score (as you call it).
  • Ending a song using a barline, as you call it, would not necessarily mean you're starting another song.
  • I think you would almost need a "Create -> New Song/Composition" item in the menu that starts the “Create New Score" wizard to capture the same information you currently capture for the "score" about the song/composition.
  • You should allow (optionally) some blank space or a empty barline (as you call it) between songs/compositions - this for the new song/composition title, etc.

This request defines a "hierarchy" of sorts Score -> Composition/Song - that is a score has one or many songs/compositions - and a song/composition must belong to a score.

Love Your Product!!!


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