Best soundfont for brass band?

• Jun 8, 2016 - 18:33

I write and arrange music primarily for brass band/ensemble, and so was wondering if you lot have any particular soundfonts which are particularily good with brass instruments.


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What's wrong with signing up, it's a common procedure on most websites for sharing/dowloading stuff.

I admit it's a little tricky finding the way to avoid downloading the wrong (commercial) files, otherwise all the best free soundfonts are there to be grabbed.

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Thanks for the link :)

OK. Excuse my stupidity, but when I click on the file, it opens up a window of 'text' , when I right clck>save link as> and download the file name it refers to it as a 'text file' in the dialogue box. However when I save, it is a sf2 file when I right click>properties

Am I correct? :)

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Thanks. Unfortunately I am using XP. I have downloaded the soundfonts, and they are working in LMMS. I hope at some poit totry and loa them into the Yamaha TRx16 software sampler.

May thanks about the info on the splitter. I will look that up. :)

And now for the ChineseSf2 website. :)

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So, you mean that if I upgrade a machine to 64bits (hardware and software) then I will need the link you peovided.
I dont fully understand the link though :(

XS1 is the soudfont player, just different versions?
Buzz is DAW
the rest are just samples (uncompressed) ?

I do have C++ installed on my machine though

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