Jack midi shows up but no actual midi comes through

• Jul 11, 2011 - 17:04

I'm trying out the latest musescore from svn ( about dialog says revision 4101M ) , with jackdmp 1.9.7 on ubuntu natty.

I've selected jack midi from preferences, and it shows up in qjackctl connect, but nothing comes through.. I've tried connecting it to a simple jack midi monitor (this one : http://carlh.net/software/ ) to check, and while the monitor receives midi from other sources like a keyboard, it doesn't when connected to mscore... I've tried running jack with raw, seq and none as midi drivers, and the only difference that makes is whether alsaseq ports show up.
Playback works with the internal synth through jack audio, after I load up some sf2.

I get the following messages when running mscore -d :
global share:
configured localeName
real localeName
load translator
load translator from
load translator failed
Seq::Seq (nil)
useJackFlag 1
useAlsaFlag 0
lookup_tab 331034
jack connect midi output - failed: -1
QPixmap::handle(): Pixmap is not an X11 class pixmap

I presume the connect midi output failed message is just a failed autoconnect attempt.

I'm running jack with the following options : driver : alsa, realtime, 2048 frames/period, 2 periods/buffer, 96000 samplerate, 256 port max, 500ms timeout (though I don't think those have anything to do with midi)

Is there something I'm missing? Maybe some jack midi lib apart from libjack I should have installed before compiling? Or is it just not yet implemented fully?

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