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• Jul 11, 2011 - 19:28

In the attached example, the fourth and fifth passes play correctly, but the first three times, it appears to overlay the fifth time volta measure over the first measure of the next pass. Am I doing something wrong here?

(This is something I transcribed from a .GIF file from a web site.)

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-- J.S.

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I don't know if I misunderstood your comment, or if you typed something wrong, but you don't enter the repeat count in the Measure properties, it goes in the Volta properties as the example file has already. The Volta properties needs both entries for the repeat (the text and the count) because it doesn't know what you want to say for the text, and parsing the text to get your intent will cause more problems. It should work the way it's written.

I did submit a bug report on repeat playback because of some recent postings detailing playback bugs,

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"Measure Properties", at the bottom there's a "Repeat Count" entry, which is set to five. My understanding is that that's how the program knows how many times to play a repeat.

I just tried right clicking on the voltas, and sure enough, there's also a "Volta Properties" box. Both voltas have them, and the numbers they contain must have come from the "Measure Properties" that I entered. Perhaps it's like having two doors into the same room....

-- J.S.

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