C. Guillet, Fantasies 7-12 à 4 parties (1610). FOR MuseScore VERSION 2.0

• Jul 15, 2011 - 19:40

The second part, with fantasies 7 to 12, of 24 fantasies à quatre parties by Charles Guillet, as published in 1610 by P. Ballard. It completes the first half of the work, with a fantasie for each of the twelve modes.

The first part, with Fantasies 1-6, has been posted here , where some other details can be found (the second half of the work, with another set of 12 fantasies, one for each mode per b molle, will follow sooner or later...).

As the first part, this score has been entirely made using the experimental MuseScore version 2.0; it does not work with versions 0.9.x or 1.x.

While it may need further proof-reading (proof-reading is never enough!), the musical contents can be considered reasonably final and playable.

Interesting musical points are Fantasie 10, with different tempora (and different measure sizes) across staves and the three different levels of augmentatio in the first measures and Fantasie 12 with its catalogue of time signatures.

The title page, contents, prefatory matters and apparatus, being only text, are put in a separate file, written originally with {Open|Libre}Office and available as PDF; I suggest to get it too, as it contains useful details on the edition itself.

The following new features introduced in MuseScore version 2.0 has been used:

  1. Section break.
  2. Running headers and footers.
  3. 'Special' time signatures.
  4. Small accidentals.
  5. Different measure sizes across staves could be simulated with the new independent bar line feature.
  6. Custom text styles have been used for critical note numbers, for 'half square brackets' used to render coloratio in Fantasie 12 and for the blank page texts.

... and possibly other I have forgot.

Enjoy (if you like the genre!),


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