Idea: Score-selection-to-playlist feature

• Jun 23, 2016 - 22:16

I think it would be cool if had a feature that would allow you to select a number of pieces you'd like to listen to and add them to a playlist in the fashion of the modern-day musical playlist.

In addition to letting you choose scores to add to your playlist, I believe the feature should also allow you to shuffle the playlist and repeat an ongoing song. Lastly, one should be able to name the playlist once created...again, after the fashion of modern playlists!

What do you guys think??!! It's a fair proposition, is it not? :D | :D


In reply to by Isaac Weiss

No, I think that it has everything to do with MuseScore 3.0 because MuseScore 3.0 is currently under development. In fact as of May 2 and June 2, there was "News" of MuseScore getting smarter and faster, respectively.

Here is al ink to theMuseScore home page where you can find the news to this ongoing development-->>
MuseScore gets smarter:…

MuseScore gets faster:…

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