Chord entry by name

• Jul 30, 2011 - 04:28

It should be possible to enter chord by typing their name.

For example, in Note entry mode, maybe I can open a dialog box and I can type the chord name.

For example,

"Fm7" would give me an F minor 7th chord.
"Fm" would give me an F minor triad.

Of course you can also have augmented, diminshed and suspended chords.

Finally, similar to individual notes, you can use Ctrl + Up/Down Arrow to move the entire chord up or down an octave.


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That gives you the chord name or chord symbol, but not the full set of notes forming that chord.
There's a file, chords.xml, which contains the notes forming these chords, but a) it is incomplete and not 100% correct and b) this part of it's information isn't used at all by MuseScore, nor is it available to the plugin framework.

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