How to get rid of triplets once they are created ?

• Jul 15, 2016 - 21:29


I'm wondering how to get rid of triplets once they are created.

For example, I have three eighth notes tied together.
One eighth note, one eighth rest, and another eighth note.

I wnat to get rid of that middle rest, and the tie, leaving me with
two regular eighth be printed out and interpreted by the musician
as swing eighth notes.

I searched around and cannot seem to find how to take the notes of a triplet
and edit them so that I get a non-triplet group of two eighth notes.

I imported midi, a simple melodic line, and there shows up many triplets.
I want to see just straight eighth notes.
Yes can check detect swing, and that helps.
I want to be able to manually edit triplets back to non-triplets though.

Thank you,



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See I don't want to have to re-enter the notes.
I want to take the existing notes,
remove the 3 thing (the tie?),
and remove the middle rest in the triplet,
leaving the two notes as regular, straight eighth notes.

Is there a way to go from triplet to non triplet
without having to re-enter the notes?



I almost never use midi import, but I believe to remember that there is an option for swing music, so that it's notated in straight rhythm. Perhaps you can look there to solve your problem.

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Yes there is that option,

that's what I was referring to when I mentioned
"Yes can check detect swing, and that helps" above.

However, I was hoping that there would be an option to
edit a triplet that has 8th, rest, 8th back to 8th, 8th,
by simply removing the rest, and removing the "3" line.
By so doing, I would not have to re-enter the notes.

Oh well, not a major problem.
Fortunately that detect swing/apply works really well
with swingified midi import.

Thanks for your reply,

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