Confusion with rests in split bars.

• Jul 22, 2016 - 18:11
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I have come across a feature that has caused some confusion with members of the quintet that I play with. It has never occurred to me before but when we were rehearsing recently we came across the following.

The music is the "Gavotte and Musette" from Grieg's Holberg suite. The time signature is "split common", ie 2/2. The music starts on the second half of the bar and at various places there are split bars. The first one occurs early on - see the following illustration.

Capture 1.JPG

The confusion arises when looking at parts for individual instruments. In this example it is in the second viola part 2 lines up from the bottom. See the following illustration.

Capture 2.JPG

MuseScore has included the half bar rest in its total of 5 bars. It would be better if MS recorded the multiple bar rest as 4 bars and then printed the first half of the next bar as a minim (1/2 note) rest.

I have tried changing the score so that the fifth bar does contain a minim rest, see the next illustration

Capture 3.JPG

but this makes no difference to the viola 2 part. It still shows 5 bars rest.

I can get round it by entering the offending bar as 2 crotchet (1/4 note) rests, see the next illustration.

Capture 5.JPG

This makes the individual part now correct, see the next illustration,

Capture 4.JPG

However, this work around is messy and shouldn't really be necessary. Surely MS should treat these half bars correctly in the first place. Is this a bug??


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This could be a bug, but it would be interesting how you did the split. Did you change the effective length of the two measures around the split? Or did you a real time signature change and hide them? Best thing for us would be to have steps how we can reproduce this or you provide the file, so we can check what really is happening here.

Another thing: Do you want to fix this? Otherwise mark this issue as unassigned, so a developer can assign this issue to him and work on it.