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• Aug 7, 2011 - 06:42

My apologies if none of this is new. I have 2 items dealing with MIDI Import / opening a MIDI file.

1) When opening a MIDI file you are prompted for "the shortest note in import". The default is always 1/64 and you must always choose another option. I'd prefer either (1) MS remembers the last option chosen or (2) a preference that you can set for a new default.

2) I generally open several files at once via drag/drop in Windows explorer. Some of these will be MIDI files, and some not. When the MIDI file is open, and the dialog pops up asking for "shortest note", I would find it helpful if the file name in question was displayed somewhere.


I am not sure where to post this question. Sorry. Is there a way to configure MUSESCORE and BOME midi keyboard (software) to work together. I don't have an actual keyboard and would like to input music with BOME rather than note by note or with the computer keyboard. Can this work? who can help? Thanks a lot.

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Actually Bome's Mouse keyboard DOES work. Both VMPK and Bome require that something like Midi Yoke or LoopBe1 is installed to route the MIDI correctly. If you look at the VMPK video, you'll see what you have to do for Bome as well.

Bome is free (postcardware) or personal use. I actually prefer it functionality to VMPK - in particular the way you can use it to play chords (and consequently enter them into MuseScore).

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Please can you give step by step instructions on the most efficient way(s) to use Bome to create copies of existing scores or to create your own arrangements. This will be used mostly for singing 4 part harmony (S,A,T,B). Any resources or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. We have found some music that is hard to read (old) or have heard songs for which we want to create music sheets. THANKS.

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I'm no MuseScore expert, but I'm sure much of that information could exist in the forums or tutorials. Bome's mouse keyboard wouldn't have anything really to do with that directly. And, you should probably know that tagging onto another conversation with a question that doesn't follow the conversation that closely isn't the best way to get an answer. Better to start a new thread and you're likely to get more relevant info.

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