Beam Connecting Of 16ths/32nds etc

• Aug 9, 2011 - 02:59


I've seen it been done in many musical scores and pieces, and I've given up trying to figure out how it's done in MuseScore.

Let's say I have eight 32nd notes. I want them to be grouped in 4 & 4. Easy. I can do this with the Beam Properties tab on the Palette.
But now I want those two groups of four 32nd notes to be joined by a single 'eighth note' beam.

So, I would want the beams to look something like this (imagine periods are non existent.)

|------|-------|------| . . . |------|------|------|
|------|-------|------| . . . |------|------|------|

How would this be done? I tried using the fourth option on the Beam Properties area and dragging it to the second set of four and to the first, as well as dragging the second option to the first.

I am using MuseScore 1.1 on a Toshiba Laptop.

Thank you for an awesome, free program and your devoted support.


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